Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Akar som jawa

Common name : Akar Som jawa
Botanical name: Talinum paniculatum Gaertn
Other name : Akar Ginseng jawa,akar som,akar songsong, akar ginseng, ulam ginseng, som jawa, kelesom(Taalinum triangulare wild),Turen shen,panicled fameflower root(inggeris),Talini paniculati Radix
Family: Portulacaceae
Picture location: Seberang Jaya pulau pinang
Origin: Tropical America

Akar som jawa is a wild plant but now has been cultivated as ornamental plant due to its medicinal value.

This plant has been scientifically proven to have the same chemical content and morphology of the korean ginseng.The leaves can be eaten raw as salad . it is said to increase appetite dan increase the energy.It has benefit to nursing mother as it increase the milk production.The root can be use to treat cough and other respiratory difficulty such as asthma.The fresh leave is crush finely, mix with brown sugar can be use to treat abscess.

In Malaysia, especially in Indian and chinese society this plant is eaten as vegetable. Its normally being fried before serve as dishes with rice.Malay prefer to eat raw as salad accompanied by sambal belacan.

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